This is a list of wonderful resources you will want to have in your Learning Center!

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Kaplan's GED Test 2016 Strategies (13th Edition)

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Kaplan's GED Test 2016 Strategies, Practice, and Review

1,000+ practice questions with detailed explanations 2 full-length practice tests -- 1 in the book and 1 online practice test In-book diagnostic pretest to help you set up a personalized study plan and online materials 20+ online videos with expert instruction and explanations Expert strategies for writing extended responses and short answers Clear instructions on using the Texas Instrument TI-30XS MultiView Calculator

'Steck-Vaughn Test Preparation for the 2014 GED Test - Test Preparation and Practice Ages 14 - Adult

'The Complete Test Preparation provides a comprehensive program of skills, instruction and practice designed to help GED® candidates develop the foundation needed to prepare for the GED® Test. The program includes pretests and posttests for each content area that enable learners to first identify their strengths and weaknesses and then check their readiness to move forward. - See more at:

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